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So many people that I’ve gone to school with are getting married or engaged and having babies like holy crap we’re all kind of adults now and can make choices like that it’s kind of terrifying yet exciting

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I’m an adult, but not like a real adult


saying feminism is unnecessary because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn’t on fire

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a girlfriend is a potential wife if you ask me. relationships are investments not hobbies. y’all gotta grow up.

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i want to be rebellious but i dont want to get in trouble  

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i wish i was skinny enough to wear leather jackets and short jean shorts and short skirts with ripped leggings and boots and look sexy as hell and then come home and drink hot chocolate while wearing an oversized sweater and cute fuzzy socks without feeling like fucking shrek okay

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So here’s me singing Titanium yeah okay bye

So I’m thinking about singing/playing this for the talent show at the fair this year. Thoughts?


I’m that kind of mutual follower who likes your text posts and never talks to you but still considers you as a friend

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